Hurstpierpoint Evangelical Church

Worshipping God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Here is a short list of some of the things we're passionate about: 

God, and our new relationship with Him through faith in His Son Jesus Christ

You can read about the primary beliefs we share together with other evangelical churches here.

The world in which we live... 

Jesus teaches us to care for our world and to engage with it as people who are concerned about its well-being. 

...and the one we're heading for! 

Despite the world's pressing problems, we believe God has already revealed the future to us in His written word, the Bible.  Our vision of the world to come shapes our engagement with the world here and now.

The value and dignity of all human life   

We believe everyone has been made in God's image, and is valuable to Him.  This means we aim to treat all people with dignity and respect, irrespective of age, gender, race, colour or creed. 

We aim to practice true tolerance by accepting people with views different to our own whilst weighing all beliefs against what God has revealed to us. 

We believe God has made men and women with equal value and dignity and yet not so as to be the same; you can read about this complementary view of men and women here.

Our community, which is where God has placed us

The church has always been a powerful transforming agent in society and we want to continue to care about and care for our community. 

Human society and the relationships we share are vitally important for human flourishing. 

You can read more about a relational Christian worldview by browsing the contents of the Jubilee Centre website here.

Loving one another and doing good to all people 

The church is God's family, receiving, reflecting and radiating God's love.  This finds expression in many ways. 

Caring for Christians who are persecuted for their faith in Jesus

Prayer for them is a regular feature of our church's life. 

  • 149 High Street
  • Hurstpierpoint
  • West Sussex
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