Hurstpierpoint Evangelical Church

Worshipping God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

We take the Bible very seriously because it is God's word to us.  

God has revealed in the Bible all that we need to know about him.  It also tells us who we are, and what we are before him.

The Bible is the story of God's grace to man.  As he reveals himself he also offers us a way to be with him.

As we read the Bible we learn about God, his world, his ways, his plans and how we should repsond to him.  

It is spiritual food to enable us to grow as God's people, it is a light to guide our way as God's people. 

We therefore are foolish if we do not read it regularly, pay close attention to it and obey it.

  • 149 High Street
  • Hurstpierpoint
  • West Sussex
  • BN6 9PU

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